• New Ordinance Allows Lifeguards To Sell Beer, Liquor, Food On Beach

    A new ordinance passed by the cities of Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach will allow lifeguards to operate food trucks parked just behind area lifeguard stands. After a drowning settlement of $20.7 million to a Maryland family in Myrtle Beach, a recent drowning in North Myrtle Beach, coupled with a monopolistic beach gear lawsuit […]

  • Bethune asked to be Keynote Speaker at the Mustang Club of America

    There are over 10 million Ford Mustang owners world wide. Directors of the Mustang Club of America are choosing one of our very own to speak at this December’s Mustang Club Gala. Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune said she was delighted to receive an invitation to mingle with the unwashed masses this coming Christmas season. […]

  • Myrtle Beach Chamber seeks advice from Sea Mist on producing viral TikTok videos

    Despite having a $51 million annual tax paid budget, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber officials agreed they could learn much from one downtown hotel operator about viral videos. Tourists staying at the Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach posted a viral TikTok video that racked up more than six million views and more than 360,000 […]

  • City to erect $2 million bronze statue of Walter Whetsell in Nance Plaza

    Leaked intel from a (coming) scheduled Myrtle Beach City Council meeting confirms the city’s plans to erect a 90 foot high, bronze statue of Campaign Strategist Walter Whetsell in Nance Plaza. The plaza is the current home of the Grand Strand Brewing Company. The $2 million statue will be paid for by an additional 1% […]

  • Despite inflation, drugs still affordable on Yaupon says Harry The Homeless

    Despite national inflation numbers that run between 8% and 9% many Myrtle Beach city homeless say drugs are still affordable in several locations throughout the city. “I am still able to get Fentanyl for as little as $8 a pill,” says Myrtle Beach regular Harry The Homeless. The best areas, inside the city, to get […]

  • President gives 51 million reasons chamber favored candidates performed well

    At a round table event held this week, a glowing Karen Riordan said she could give 51 million reasons why Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce candidates faired so well in the June primaries. Karen Riordan is the President of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. Chamber favored candidates including Val Guest for District […]

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