Bethune asked to be Keynote Speaker at the Mustang Club of America

There are over 10 million Ford Mustang owners world wide.

Directors of the Mustang Club of America are choosing one of our very own to speak at this December’s Mustang Club Gala.

Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune said she was delighted to receive an invitation to mingle with the unwashed masses this coming Christmas season. “Brown and I are always looking for opportunities to mix with the common folks,” said Bethune.

The Better Brands Anheuser Busch beer heiress stated she was even willing to teach those unfortunate car owners the value of financial management which might help them trade up to her preferred car brand, the Corvette.

Bethune gave the Mustang group a one finger salute this Summer as she apologized to other tourists and locals for the Mustang Car Show being held in her city.

Future car shows were then cancelled.

Said Bethune, “If you have to drive a mustang, you do. Some people have to live in trailer parks. However, the upscale city of Myrtle Beach just isn’t a good fit for these types of tourists.

The Corvette Car show will continue in Myrtle Beach for 2023 at Bethune’s request. In 2023, the Corvette car owners are planning a car parade down the majestic streets of Flagg, Yaupon, and Chester then taking a turn on 3rd Avenue to visit and swim in the crystal clean waters of Withers Swash.

A picnic in the park is also planned for the Corvette group at Withers Swash Park . The Mayor asks that all attendees bring their own needles and Glocks to the event. is a satirical FAKE NEWS SITE about all things Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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