City to erect $2 million bronze statue of Walter Whetsell in Nance Plaza

Leaked intel from a (coming) scheduled Myrtle Beach City Council meeting confirms the city’s plans to erect a 90 foot high, bronze statue of Campaign Strategist Walter Whetsell in Nance Plaza.

The plaza is the current home of the Grand Strand Brewing Company.

The $2 million statue will be paid for by an additional 1% mid tax assessed to downtown merchants.

Walter Whetsell successfully manages all of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce political candidates including Mayor Brenda Bethune, Jenna Dukes, Carla Schuessler, and S.C. Senator Stephen Goldfinch.

According to his linked in page:

With over two decades of experience in public affairs management and political campaigns, Walter has established himself as a skilled administrator who specializes in developing and executing creative strategic programs that break through the clutter found too often in politics and legislative affairs.

Walter successfully developed the business model that provides “soup-to-nuts” solutions for Starboard’s clients, including: strategic consulting and plan development, polling, media planning and production, data acquisition and maintenance, creative media and art services, as well as digital, mail-shop and fulfillment services—all from in-house resources.

Said Mayor Bethune, “This will be a commemorative and deserving addition to the plaza, as well as, Myrtle Beach overall. I can’t think of anyone in the U.S.A. more deserving. This monument sets a marker for putting forth the principles that we elected officials in Myrtle Beach hold dear.”

Bethune is expected to perform the ribbon cutting for the event scheduled Spring 2023.

A community cocktail reception will follow the ribbon cutting with craft beer flowing from the Grand Strand Brewing Company.

The homeless are invited to attend. is a satirical FAKE NEWS SITE about all things Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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