Baby Boomers: We Say Thank You

Published 2 years, 328 days ago

By Mikaela Kate

It seems about 80% of the time I scroll through Facebook or LinkedIN I find myself reading another article which highlights Gen Y, the Millennials, and/or the Baby Boomers in a negative light. And if you reside in one of those particular generations, it’s hard not to take it personally and want to start pointing fingers towards the other generations.

At some point I would like to see the authors of these articles take a turn for the positive or at least a spin which shows a solution rather than pinpointing problems. Therefore, in an attempt to turn the tide I polled the audience (thank you friends for your responses) and gathered a list of the top values, traits, and qualities of the Baby Boomers we never want to let go.

So, here’s a letter to you, Baby Boomers.  I hope this communicates to you how much we appreciate you, and honor your past, present, and your future.


Dear Baby Boomers, 

As I write this it seems the world is constantly changing, but you know this as the world you grew up in looked different each and every year. Growing up up in a post-war state, followed by Woodstock in the 60’s, Roe vs Wade in the 70’s, the Wall street debacle, and the Bill Clinton era – it’s obvious – you know change.

There’s been a lot of people out there, young, old, and every where in between who have given you a hard time, saying you were the worst generation there has ever been.  I’ve read those articles, and as I imagine that’s hard to swallow. So in these following paragraphs I hope to do my best to lift you up and take hold of the good you’ve given us, in order to show you that the legacy you’re leaving us is one of great importance and significance.

You could argue that without World War II most of you would never have been born, as men were coming back victorious from war and families were finally back together. In a roller coaster ride, with each decade evolving and as different as the last, we saw your heart, determination, and resolve to keep going and do the best with what you had.

60'sThrough those years you became the 1st generation with true spending power, which fueled the growth in pop culture and fashion. Hippies, mini-skirts, bell bottom jeans, thank you for their popularity, and I am sure it’s only a matter of time before they return to the runway.

You were also the first generation to experience integrated schools, and I as watch movies like Remember the Titans and Selma I can’t imagine the reality of living in that battle.  Even now racial equality screams through our TV screens, and yet we can thank your ruthless pursuit which made sure this injustice didn’t slip through the cracks but remains an issue we must fight for each day.

In a word. Courage. This is also the word that was repeated again, through the emails and messages of my polled audience.  The courage to stand up for what is right, to not back down in the struggle, but remain faithful to what you know this country stands for, what your family represents, and personally what you believe in.

As your parents were mourning WWII, you were learning how to live abundantly and content with very little and love your family in the midst of grief. You have shaped and molded our nation which is defined by dedication, diversity, hard work, and loyalty. It would have been easy to give up and settle for less, but instead you put your boots in the ground and created a life for you and your family.

And since we are talking about courage it’s worth mentioning the many of you who sacrificed so much to not only fight in the Vietnam war, but to then return home to the ridicule of those who opposed our involvement in the war.  Your steadfast character and devotion to remain faithful to our country didn’t go unnoticed then and still doesn’t today.

You didn’t grow up or even raise a family in the birth of technology.  You played board games, talked around the dinner table, and greeted one another with a hug on the best and worst of days. In a nutshell, communication is your forte.  It’s who you were, who you are, and what you long to remind us of.  The power of the hand written note was your strong suit and if the rest of us are paying attention, it should be ours too.

Your experience in a post-war age has given us roots, a foundation, and a floor to stand on.  You cemented in our founding Fathers Christian values in time where it would have been easy to run away and never look back.  Yes, other views, theologies, and beliefs have evolved over the years, but a desire for what is true, right, and pure remains your backbone.

Your breathe and breadth of life means your wisdom abounds, and the rest of us would be foolish not to sit at your feet and grab ahold of the insight and advice you have not only witnessed through the years, but experienced as well.

With all that being said, we want to HONOR you for your integrity, honesty, and pursuit of life you’ve shown through the years. You’ve helped us to trust again, to love deeper, and take nothing for granted.

Finally, we say THANK YOU Baby Boomers, because if any of us would walk a mile in your shoes, we would understand quickly the sacrifice, determination, and pure guts it took to fight for the good again and again and again.

Cheers, Baby Boomers. Here’s to your legacy!

With Much Love & Appreciation, 

The Rest of the Generations


~ Mikaela Kate 

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