Walking Verses Running

Published 3 years, 38 days ago

Walkers-and-Runners-smHaving a routine with discipline is necessary in both your spiritual life and a fitness program.   So…… as the 2016 calendar page has turned and we are approaching the half way through January mark,  I have joined a 90 day walking challenge.   Working with a team will make me accountable and I will get myself out the door and do my part.  It’s the steps they are wanting me to accumulate so my yoga will also count towards the tally each day.  I have a friend that plans to join me, but I will also walk by myself.  It is a good time to have conversations with God.  I don’t plug in music, I plug in to prayer.

Walking verses Running

I think the important thing to remember is a comment towards the end of this post where it says, “the walker is burning more calories per minute than the jogger”. So read on and you decide which activity is best for you. Is it worth the stress on the knees and hips to be a jogger/runner, especially if you have never been a runner/jogger?
Assuming that you run faster than you walk, you will burn more calories by running two miles.
Let’s do the math: If you weigh 150 pounds and walk the 2 miles in 30 minutes (4 mph), then you will burn approximately 170 calories (or 5.7 calories per minute). If you were to jog the 2 miles in 20 minutes (6 mph) then you would burn approximately 230 calories (11.4 calories per minute). So, in addition to completing the 2 miles faster, the net result is that jogging burns more calories.
Now, let’s complicate things. It’s not really about walking vs. jogging, it’s about the speed maintained. Some people can walk faster than other people can jog. In this instance, the walker is burning more calories per minute than the jogger. More importantly, most people do not jog that much faster than they fast-walk and they are able to walk much longer than they can jog. For these people, fast walking is often a preferable exercise to jogging.

I am a walker, always have been, always will be.  To me it’s more important to move my body maintaining a brisk pace, with good posture, good shoes, and then good stretching when I’m finished to keep away the sore muscles.
Ask me how you can learn to walk efficiently and with a purpose. Good form, as with any sport, produces great results.