The Pursuit of Your Purpose: No Matter What Your Age!

Published 3 years, 39 days ago

The question I get asked most often is, “How do I figure out my purpose?” A question we all go searching for at some point in our life, and personally through the years I’ve realized how this one word has completely driven my life, and moved me to keep pushing my limits.

When I met Jesus, or rather came to know Him as a significant game changer in my life, slowly this pursuit of purpose grabbed ahold of me like never before. At the core of it all, I was discovering who I am and who God made me to be.

It’s here where it all began.

When I discovered who my Creator was, I started asking Him, “What I was created for?

He told me.  He showed me.  He had others tell me and show me.  He allowed me to fail, succeed, stumble and fall and get back up again.

Like I said before, He was showing me who I was, who I am and who I am becoming.

My purpose.  My niche.  My sweet spot.  My convergence zone.  The reason I was born.

Call it what you want, I began climbing this mountain of purpose. This mountain which says, “I matter.  I exist for a reason. I was born for something great.  I am significant.”

Slowly one step after another I climbed even as doubt, fear, worry would at times (and still does) stop me in my tracks. Looking around at others and their own mountain I wondered, “Am I really equipped for this journey? Do I have what it takes? Why do others seem further along than me?”

Questions kept me looking back, at times going in the wrong direction, and at moments stopping all together.

In these spaces of reflection, I went deeper, and truly entered in.

To the journey.  The path.  The true reason why I was climbing.  Looking back at how far I’d come and looking ahead at where I wanted to go – the peak was inviting, enchanting, and all but calling my name out loud.

It wasn’t about the glory, glitz, fame, or honor.  Or maybe it was.  (But that’s for another post.)

Regardless something deep was rumbling which I still can’t deny.

A force, a push, a pull that holds me, grips me, and causes me to move.

Gravity?  Religion?  Morality?  Truth?  Destiny?

Language and definitions seem to fall to the wayside.

Words don’t give it justice, but rather barriers.

All on its own, it drives me.

All on its own, it stirs within me.

All on its own, I am left alone.

Only I can move forward.

Only I can step out farther.

My journey.

My purpose.

My quest.

To keep climbing.  Keep moving.

It’s waits for me, but it will go on without me.

There are pieces to move, a role to play, and forces to be reckoned with.

To raise my hand, stand at attention, and run into chaos because I and only I have the solution.

A whirlwind around me.  A tornado inside.

It changes me.  Calls me.  Finds me.  Wrestles with me.

Without it I am lost.

Purpose has found me. Grace has allowed me.  Belief has gripped me.  Love has awakened me.

Only one thing remains.

Start climbing.

No matter your age, your season in life, purpose awaits you, and if you are reading this it means there are things for you to do and people you are meant to impact.

I pray you climb your mountain today.

The mountain which says, “You matter, and you were born for greatness.”


~ Mikaela Kate 

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